Values Matter. Character Counts.

2023 Character Banquet

From left to right: Al Wilson, Nathan Brown, LeeAnn Kelly, Trinity McGlaun, Jaxon Reed, Steven Miller

About The Character Banquet

The second annual Character Banquet was held at the Community Complex in Crossville, Tennessee, on May 6, 2023.  The Crossville-Cumberland County Sports and Events Council organized the prestigious event.  Funding was provided by four local Sponsors, First National Bank of Tennessee, First Bank, The Sports Council and Camp Nakanawa. 

Through their generous sponsorship our 41 honorees and 300 parents, families, guests, local officials, coaches and administrators attended the banquet by invitation at no cost.  Speaker sponsorship was provided by Ann and Pepe Perron.  A representative from each sponsor was recognized for their sponsorship of this event. 

2023 Character Banquet Sponsors

Our Purpose

Al Wilson (keynote speaker), Winners Jaxon Reed (SMHS) and Trinity McGlaun (SMHS)

The purpose of this event is to recognize our student-athletes nominated by coaches from each sport from both high schools for their LEADERSHIP, VALUES and CHARACTER.  The event’s theme: Values Matter – Character Counts serves as a guideline for the selection of our character honorees.  One overall winner is selected from our two high schools and awarded a $500 college scholarship. 

The teams our honorees play for also receive $500 each for team-related expenses.  One coach stated that from the perspective of a coach and parent, the Character Award is the highest honor a student-athlete can receive. 

The Character Banquet is quickly becoming one of the most prestigious events in the State of Tennessee.  -The Crossville Chronicle

Guest Speaker Al Wilson

Al Wilson, University of Tennessee All-American and Denver Bronco All-Pro Football player was the Keynote Speaker.  His message centered around the importance of leadership, values and character as you travel through life.  Al received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his speech.

Character Banquet Speaker Al Wilson

Our Entertainment

Robert Moore, Cellist

Robert Moore, cellist, provided our dinner music and did an amazing job. 

First National Bank of Tennessee, First Bank, The Sports Council and Camp Nakanawa are proud to be associated with this wonderful event. 

Character Banquet financial support provided by

Character Counts level sponsors

Vision Matters level sponsors

Trust level sponsors