How We Help

The CCCSEC is composed of volunteers and Crossville-Cumberland County employees that all have areas of expertise that contribute to the success of an event.  With members of the council such as Parks and Rec directors and community members that work with the hospitality industry, we are well equipped to ensure that an event has a contact for every phase from facility reservations and hotel blocks to hospitality rooms and permitting.

The Crossville-Cumberland County Sports and Events Council’s mission is to promote sports tourism in our community. Funded by the City of Crossville, the Sports Council is operated by a volunteer board of directors.

The Sports Council supports various sporting events such as softball, soccer, golf and shooting tournaments with financial incentive. Each tournament director submits an application request for funding. All applications are individually evaluated, and consideration for incentives is based on the tournament’s economic impact in our community. The number of teams, players, parents, visitors, and hotel rooms are used to determine these incentive packages.

How we support your tournament

Description of the types of services that CCCSEC offers to all tournament directors regardless of sport or tournament size: coordination for hotels, working with city facilities, etc.


Leisure Services of the City of Crossville will be happy to book your request to reserve any of our recreational sports facilities, including softball and soccer tournaments.

Hotel Packages

Tournament directors should contact Comfort Suites for local hotel reservations. Leisure Services has arranged a tournament rate for qualified tournament team members.

Shooting Park

Crossville Shooting Sports Park is an excellent facility to refine your shooting and safety skills. Whether you are an expert marksman or just learning how to shoot, this park is your best option.

CCCSEC Character Banquet

The Sports Council also supports local events such as The Character Banquet. This event recognizes high school students that participate in Stone Memorial and Cumberland County Sports teams for their character. A high profile keynote speaker reinforces the purpose of character in sports and in everyday life. Each nominee receives a Character
Award Certificate. One student from each high school is selected as an overall winner and receives a $500 college scholarship. The winners’ teammates also benefit by receiving $500 for teams to use to help with expenses. The Second Annual CCCSEC Character Banquet will be held on May 6, 2023 at the Community Complex.

The Crossville-Cumberland County Sports and Events Council will be happy to answer any question you might have. We look forward to bringing your sporting tournaments to our home in Crossville and Cumberland County.


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